PlasmaStream technology Efficient odour elimination without chemicals.

Today there are numerous technical fields of application for modern plasma technologies. They range from surface and environmental engineering to measuring and ventilation technology where they serve to clean and reduce the odours in exhaust air from kitchens.

This exhaust air that is produced when food is prepared does not only bother people in the direct vicinity, it also contaminates the environment and the pollutants it contains can harm human health. BÄRO has developed PlasmaStream technology to remedy these problems.

Plasma is created when so much energy is supplied to a gas that a critical number of electrons leave the atomic shells. The result is an ionised gas, i.e. a mix of atoms, molecules and ions, surrounded by free electrons. In addition to solid, liquid and gaseous, plasma is the fourth state of matter and in terms of technical usability it has the important property of electrical conductivity.  In addition, plasmas have high chemical reactivity due to the existence (formation) of high-energy electrons, ions and radicals.

PlasmaStream technology from BÄRO is based on a purely physical principle.
It works with four successive functional stages:

1.      Pre-separation
The pre-filter (HydroStopp) keeps back the largest air impurities in order to protect the following stages.

2.      Ventilation
The fan with long-lasting EC technology creates an optimum flow of air.

3.      Oxidation
The plasma stage triggers an oxidation and decomposition process which converts the odours contained in the gas.

4.      Final stage
The active charcoal absorbs and decomposes any compounds not yet oxidised in the process.

The result is reduced odours in the kitchen exhaust air that complies with the strict provisions of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG) and can also be used for heat recovery with heat exchangers on account of its cleanliness.

PlasmaStream technologies from BÄRO have been tested by an independent institute, they are sustainable and do not present a health risk.


Independent ventilation unit to reduce grease and odors Compact exhaust air unit

The PlasmaStream compact exhaust air unit reduces grease and odours from kitchen exhaust air. It is positioned as an independent ventilation unit between the kitchen extraction hood and the discharge area and dispenses with the need for an expensive exhaust air duct system, even if the site is in the direct vicinity of residential or commercial buildings. This is because with proper use the odours in the cleaned kitchen exhaust air are below the recognition threshold 1m away from the outlet and the exhaust air duct can be routed through the wall and straight outside.

As the cleaned exhaust air is virtually free of grease and odours, it can also be used for heat recovery in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Saving Directive and fed directly into heat exchangers.

The system consists of a multi-stage filter system with pre-filter, fan, plasma stage and activated carbon filter and is available as a standard unit for indoor and outdoor installation for exhaust air volumes of 1,500 m³/h to 10,000 m³/h. It can be expanded on a modular basis for higher air volumes.

For special applications or kitchen situations the system can be fitted with further filter modules such as blue smoke filters or the KitTech system.

Connected wattages from approx. 1.2 - 7.6 kW excl. ventilation (400 V, 50 Hz)
Dimensions of different unit sizes on request.

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