Nonfat air in restaurants and commercial kitchens KitTech

KitTech is a compact and very effective UV-C ozone cleaning system that fully meets all the demands on modern waste air processes and is simple to integrate in new or existing exhaust air extraction systems.

Typical areas of application for the KitTech system are the food industry, hotels and (system) catering, large kitchens and canteens; wherever fats and oils are heated during cooking processes in kitchens and air that is very polluted with grease can lead to fire protection problems or odour nuisance.

The unique design of the BÄRO KitTech fulfils the requirements of DIN 18869-7, enables thorough cleaning of the kitchen exhaust air, minimises maintenance and meets fire protection requirements because – depending on the application – KitTech enables up to 99% of grease and up to 90% of odours to be eliminated. The residue is 100% biodegradable.

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